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Lynne Head, Board Certified Therapist

Welcome to my Blog

My name is Lynne Head, a practicing psychotherapist in Stafford, Virginia, and surrounding area. Over the next few months I will be discussing many of the issues that we all face from time to time, including how to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, broken relationships, family disfunction, identity crises, addictions, parenting challenges, grief and loss, and much more.

Of course, to protect everyone’s personal health privacy, we will not openly discuss anything of a specific personal nature here, nor reveal anyone’s name or contact information. That said, with over 25 years in this field, I know that we can find common ground and together discover the path to healing, finding joy and peace in your life, and coping with your ever-changing surroundings.

My website is designed to provide a wealth of helpful information that you can immediately apply to your situation. For additional help, I am available for personalized, private counseling and therapy sessions customized to your specific needs. To make an appointment, please call the number posted on this page or use my Contact page to reach me by email.

Stafford Marriage & Family Counseling

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