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Lynne Head, Board Certified Therapist

self criticism

Become Your Own Best Friend

Becoming your own best friend can be so much harder than it sounds. If you think about it, we are born with perfect self esteem. As tiny babies, all of our needs are automatically met by our parents. Then, as we begin to grow, some of that good healthy self esteem is trained out of us by our caretakers.

There are basically six things which occur during our formative years which cause us to become extremely self critical, and then suddenly we become our worst enemy instead of our best friend. One of the most detrimental occurrences is any type of early childhood loss. These losses can be anything from a death, a divorce, a move, not being invited to another child’s party, being told you should be ashamed of yourself, you’re a bad child, etc.

Working in therapy can begin to eliminate these voids in how we value ourselves. Now may be the time to give yourself the gift of being your own best friend.

[Lynne Head is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in marriages, relationships, and individual counseling. Located in Stafford, VA, Lynne can be reached by phone at 214-502-9081, or by email. For more information, see her website at:]
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