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Lynne Head, Board Certified Therapist

rediscover myself

Self Esteem

Red PaintRepaint your life to find your self esteem.

We are born with perfect self esteem.

From birth, circumstances occur which undermine how we value ourselves. The six things which force voids in how we think and feel about ourselves are:

  • Early childhood loss.
  • Caretaker abuse.
  • Caretaker neglect.
  • Caretaker over protectiveness.
  • Caretaker overindulgence.
  • Caretaker drug or alcohol abuse/dependency/addictions.

Red PaintRepaint your life to find your self esteem. We will either fill these voids with Ego (drugs, binge drinking, food, relationships, materialism, power, control, academia, work, caffeine, nicotine, shopping, gambling, etc.) or we will rediscover our original self value by modifying our beliefs about ourselves.

Please know you are one-of-a-kind, unique, exclusive, no one else is just like you or has experienced your life. Imagine how we might change ourselves by the thoughts we have of ourselves. Start your autobiography today and begin reframing every thought about yourself that does not work in your life.

[Lynne Head is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in marriages, relationships, and individual counseling. Located in Stafford, VA, Lynne can be reached by phone at 214-502-9081, or by email. For more information, see her website at:]
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