Stafford Marriage & Family Counseling

Lynne Head, Board Certified Therapist

Dealing With an Unfaithful Spouse

The violation of trust in your marriage as the result of an affair can be positively devastating physically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually, and morally. There are very effective ways to heal the pain and rebuild the trust when a partner has betrayed the marital relationship. In fact, in my 29 years of being a therapist, what I’ve noticed is that when the betrayal has been discussed openly and honestly, and the couples work together to resolve the precipitants for the unfaithful act, couples can blossom in a powerful way.

[Lynne Head is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in marriages, relationships, and individual counseling. Located in Stafford, VA, Lynne can be reached by phone at 214-502-9081, or by email. For more information, see her website at:]
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