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About Lynne Head

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~~ George Bernard Shaw
Lynne Head, BSN, RN, Med, LPC-S, BCPC

Lynne Head, BSN, RN, Med, LPC-S, BCPC

My journey to become a therapist has been filled with many years of personal growth and constant self-development. I am a firm believer that in order to be an effective therapist, one must understand, first-hand the work required to truly evolve.

My practice was born of a passion for children and family that began early in my career as a nurse at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. I was building my own family with my husband of 46 years and two children. David and I were working through the typical marital challenges many couples face and we found ourselves in therapy. During that time, not only did we save our marriage and family, I uncovered suppressed grief from own my father’s untimely death which was holding me back from a life I love. After some time in therapy, not only had I begun to create new possibilities, I found my true passion in working with others in therapy, to share that same growth, to reach full potential.

My undergraduate degree in Nursing is from Baylor University and I attended Texas Women’s University where I earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Education, Family Systems Development. In addition to my private practice, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, where I counsel therapist interns who are working to become fully licensed.

Early in my career as a therapist, I worked in both inpatient and outpatient clinical settings, working with individuals, children, adolescents and families on a wide range of issues such as addiction, depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety, grief, loss, career problems and many others.

Professional, Caring and Responsive

I will treat you with care, respect and dignity. I am always available by phone, and I will call you back as quickly as I can. Asking for help is hard, and I promise to make it as easy as possible for you to get started.

Flexible Approach

I’ll go slow where we need to go slow, and try to go quickly where we can go quickly. I don’t have just one or two techniques that I use; I will do whatever is needed to get you or your family on the way to making important changes in your life.

I don’t keep people in therapy for years and years — most of my clients seem to come and go rather quickly. Then, they often reappear when a new life event is challenging them. This is called brief intermittent psychotherapy, and I believe in it. Other clients start working on their issues and keep on going for a while. These folks want to go “deep,” and I go there with them. The point is: We go wherever we need to help you feel better and have better relationships in your life.


I tend to be against using medication for emotional/behavioral issues (especially with children and adolescents), yet will tell a client they need to consider starting a medication if they truly need it. I don’t believe that medication should be prescribed quickly or without deep consideration. Instead, I want to get to the root cause and truly understand the situation. Why are they blue? Why is life not working? What are they trying to do different? After sessions of psychotherapy, if a client’s sadness and hopelessness are still there, then we will look into pharmaceutical alternatives the physician or psychiatrist recommends along with therapy to support.

I have several psychiatrists that I like to refer clients to, and believe it’s important for a person to have a good relationship with their physician. What I don’t like is when doctors give drugs as their first response. I think therapy works, works well and should be the first course of action taken. And, I think it works at a level that is deeper than any drug can hope to touch, and it is longer lasting. So I obviously don’t believe medication is “the answer,” but it can certainly help someone to make important changes.

Mind-Body Connections

YogaMy background as a nurse helped me to connect the power of our thoughts to the state of our bodies. I have been practicing yoga for over 28 years and am a Certified Yoga Instructor and found this to be a very therapeutic method for channeling emotions in a positive way. I combine yoga (physical postures, breathing, meditation, mantras) as well as guided imagery, and mindfulness (being in the moment and observing the moment at the same time) to help people learn their body “language”. Early Phrenology - the study of the relationship between mind and bodyUsually once a person slows down enough to listen to their body they notice how pervasive their thinking patterns have become. You can change your thinking patterns through all the techniques listed above. The techniques let you practice slowing down and seeing yourself in a more nurturing light.

Once you become aware of your judgmental thinking and you create some compassion for yourself, you can begin to notice the critical mind before it takes hold of you. Then you have a choice about how to respond. You are no longer reacting to life. You are aware enough to see what is happening and decide what you want to do about it. Again, it’s all about slowing down your thoughts and increasing kindness towards yourself.

We can’t control the world, but we can control how we react to the world. The key to happiness is in how you see yourself and the world, and that is something only you can control. I can help you clear away the mind chatter and false beliefs about yourself and rediscover your true Self.

Extended Sessions and Weekend Intensives

Do you need a solid “jump-start” to therapy? Do you want the benefit of having several hours of focused therapy, rather than sessions that are spread a week or more apart from one another? Do you feel that your relationship needs an immediate infusion of hope and improvement? Consider inquiring about scheduling extend sessions (90 minutes to two hours) or a Weekend Intensive, which involves several two-hour sessions over the course of two to three days. this option is designed for the highly motivated couples as an option for maximizing progress early in the therapeutic process.

Collaboration with Medical Team

Once we have discussed your unique situation during our first session, a medical evaluation may be recommended. If such an evaluation proves to be necessary, you will be referred to an appropriate medical provider who has been personally selected for his or her dedication to mental health and the pursuit of the most up-to-date and innovative and effective treatment for your concerns. We maintain an ongoing collaborative relationship with any and all involved professionals on your “treatment team”, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive approach to your care from some of the very best clinicians and physicians.

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